home too small or too much stuff??

A question has been swirling around my head the last few weeks.  “Is my home too small or do I have too much stuff?”  When I asked my husband this quetsion he made the simple statement, “we have too much stuff for our small home.”  In his terms he answered me with “yes and yes.”

I’m guilty of hanging onto things for far too long.  “Things” is an all encompassing word for anything in the house.  For the most part I keep stuff because I think I’ll need it one day!  Does this sound like an episode of hoarders or what!?  I’ll have somethings for years and will look at it 50 times before passing it to a new owner.  “If I have more stuff I’m better off than if I have less.”  I swear this is the record that’s played so many times in my head.  Blessed is the one who changes that record and amen for the freedom that comes with donating anything that I haven’t used in a year.  May I always be reminded of a couple simple rules.

} If I’ve gone through all four seasons and I haven’t used item X than it’s time to donate it.

} If I’ve found item X and I had forgotten about it, it’s time to donate it.

Donating isn’t everyones cup of tea.  If you need to make a few bucks try items selling on “craigslist”  or on your local communities “facebook”page.  Both are great way to pass on gently used goods and help replenish your shrinking bank account.  If you’re a DIY and can craft with the best of them “Etsy” is an amazing online community of handmade and antique items for sale.  Etsy is one of my most cherished places for repurposed and handmade goods.


I was recently invited to a used clothing sale held by four friends.  They each set up “shop” in a corner of the room.  Clothes and household items were clean, well taken care of and neatly displayed.  I shopped with ease, tried things on and scored some great deals on items that would have cost me 75% or more had I bought them new. Here are a few smart reasons to buy used.

  1. the buyer saves money
  2. the sellers make money
  3. buying used items helps keep them out of the landfill
  4. buying used products doesn’t require new resources
  5. buying used keeps the money in the local economy
  6. used products don’t usually require packaging, making them eco friendly.
  7. second hand items don’t loose their value as quickly as new items
  8. selling and buying from a thrift store often helps a local charity (aka your neighbour)

If you really want a challenge check out this site

100 Thing Challenge | A Guy Named Dave.

You’ve read it right.  It’s a 100 thing challenge.  The concept is to only have 100 things.  While this challenge would be stretch for most Dave Bruno shows how it can be done with a family!  He has a wife, three daughter and a plethora of pets.  Check out his site and blog for inspiration for your own challenge or just for kicks.

Let the over hauling begin!!!! Good luck!


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