Practical Paleo

photoPractical Paleo

My O negative roots have been calling and I’m listening.  I’m wired to eat good, clean, healthy meat, fats, vegetables, nuts and some fruit.  Wow that sounds easy!  I like foods from those categories and I feel good when I eat them.  With a little guidance from the fantastic book “Practical Paleo” by Diane Sanfilippo the transition has begun well.  The recipes are easy to follow and contain ingredients that I’m likely to have in house anyway.  The food looks and tastes great!!  My husband and baby both love the food and the recipes are NOT labor intensive.  (Thank goodness because this mama can only do labor so many times). The book offers 12, 30 day meal plans specified to autoimmune conditions, thyroid health, chronic fatigue, fat loss and cancer recovery among others.   The Practical Paleo talks about food quality as well as the negative effects of grains on our health.  There’s even a guide to digestion…and poop!  Leaky gut?! Grab the book and have a read.  My brother, 37 years young, avid road cyclist, snowboarder, mountain biker, graphic & design guru has taken this book and its meal plan by the horns.  He’s loving it and has reported after 3 weeks on the plan that his joints no longer hurt!  This book rocks!  I “mom protocol” approve it and will be sharing the book with as many possible:)

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