etsy love

It’s no secret I LOVE etsy and you might too!


Its an awesome on line community of artists and crafters from all over the world who sell their handmade or vintage goods.  The selection of items have shown nearly no limits.  Although I haven’t searched for a home on etsy I could buy nearly everything I need for my home on there.  Need a handmade coffee table made out of reclaimed wood? How about some new pillows for your sofa? Bikini for your next surf or a floppy hat for your next trip to wine country?

I made my first purchase on etsy about 2.5 years ago.  I bought my bridesmaids gifts, wedding invites and a BIG banner for my wedding from there.  The banner has hand painted words onto canvas and came from a Kara Melwood in Alberta, Calgary.  The bracelets I gifted to my bridesmaids came from a selling LeAnn Larson in Minnesota,
United States.   I have since bought just over 25 items from sellers on etsy.

My love for etsy satisfies my deep belief that supporting business at the grass roots level is highly important to community, fellowship and personal health.  And besides, it’s an AWESOME way to get my hands on goods from anywhere in the world.  There’s something special about quality handmade goods.  I absolutely love knowing that I’ve purchased something directly from the person who’s made it themselves.  I’d like to someday open up my own etsy shop and get my “etsy-on”.  I wish to have my own little work shop one day where I can paint, stain and create like the best of them.  I’ve limited experience in doing so but I know that I can.


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