6 DIY Advent Calendars

The Christmas season is almost here.  I got to thinking about advent calendars and how as a kid eating that crappy chocolate really wasn’t all that fun.  Even at 4 years old I though it tasted awful!  I did however enjoy tearing the perforated cardboard to see what shape the chocolate was for that day!  On a quest to start a family tradition I started searching for a nostalgic way to continue the tradition with my own family.  I came across some awesome ideas and just had to share them with you.


photo credits Cherished Bliss (top right), Sas Interiors (Second from top on right), Echoes of laughter (Middle on right),Visual Heart (second from bottom on right), Drachenbabies (Bottom on right), Dandee-designs (on left)

1 – Mason Jar Lid 12 Day Advent Calendar

The handy gals at Cherished bliss are to thank for this idea. They skipped the usual 25 day advent calendar and made it a 12 day count down.  Great idea for those who get impatient:)  Pretty well all of the required supplies are things you’ll have around the house if you’re into making and creating. If not, than I’m sure you’ll be able to improvise

2- Stenciled Muslin Bag Advent Calendar

These stencilled muslin bags take a little more time if you’re stencilling each one.  To speed up the process you could just stencil on the numbers in holiday colours and have it up and ready in no time!  Echoes of laughter gives an awesome play by play tutorial.  I think this is the one I want to do for my home.

3-Yarn Wreath Advent 

Danyelle of Dandee has incorporated an advent calendar onto a wreath to make fantastic awesome holiday decor.  A simple wicker wreath wrapped in yarn is the base of this calendar.  Fastened with clothes pegs are the festive red envelopes printed with numbers 1 through 25.  In each envelope there’s an advent activity!  If you have kids or just a really fun spouse doing an activity over eating poor chocolate is the way to go!

4 – Clothes Peg Advent Calendar

Get ready to up cycle & re-porpose!  This DIY advent calendar is inexpensive and all supplied needed are easily found around the house or at your neighbourhood thrift store.   Visual Heart has an amazingly eclectic selection of DIY ideas.   I’d be silly to not share this Vancouverite with my readers.

5- Pallet Christas Countdown Tree

I love me a good DIY pallet project!  Get out your measuring tape, nails and saw for this one!  Takes a little more prep work but it’s rustic charm is well worth it.  Sas interiors has created an advent calendar that hosts no morsels to chew nor activities to do.  You count down the days by adding a new holiday ornament as each new day arrives.  The finished look is prefect.


6 – Glass Jar Advent Calendar

This is a perfect fit for on a mantle or in that unusable wood burning fire place that so many homes seem to have.  It will warm the house and create that fuzzy, cozy holiday feeling.  Gather 25 glass jars of varying sizes, washi tape, tea lights and stencil on your numbers!  Voila!  Your new advent calendar is ready!  This awesome creation came from Drachenbabies “Sewing-Diary”.  It’s an awesome site that I wish I could translate.  Luckily this DIY tutorial is pretty self explanatory.

December is almost here!!!! So you and I better get crackin’!
Happy December festivities 🙂

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