Renew, Daily.


“Renew” it was the word on the paper tab of my tea bag this morning.  I don’t normally read those little bits of paper.  I’m not sure what made me turn it over to take a look but I did.  “Renew”.  That is exactly what I need to do.  I need to renew in many ways.  My morning, afternoon and evening routines, my headspace, my heart, my body, my marriage, my relationship with family, with friends, my health, my time out doors, my yoga practice, my time at the gym, my time talking with God. All these things and many others need some renewing.  It’s a good word.  When something is renewed, it seems fresher than it did before.  I imagine that this word will stick with me for sometime, if not for all time.  I’m a scatter brain on the best of days.  Anyone ever been a server?  You’re handling all your tables and their orders.  Timing everything just right so the drinks, appys and mains all get to the table in a timely fashion.  At the same time you’re working in amongst the dynamic personalities of your co-workers in an environment that is every changing. You’ve got a rhythm to this madness.  You’re doing about 30 things at once.  You’ve mastered small talk with customers, and that list of 30 things you need to take care of never really ends.  Just as one thing gets crossed off there is another “to-do” added on:)  This is life with 2 kids.  Ever changing, ever evolving.  There is always someone who needs something and the momma bear (aka the server) will have to wait.  I’ve recently had a little breathing space when both kiddies nap at the same time.  In that time I reflect on how I’m feeling in that moment and in the space.  I observe and I renew.  Silence and stillness are followed by a foam roll, a cool cup of water, fresh air, sunshine or what ever my soul might need that day.  When I don’t take a moment to stop and breath, I begin to not enjoy what I’m doing.  I need and want to enjoy it.  Ha!  For Petes sake, I’m influencing my kids everyday and if my energy, soul, head space and spark is suffering than so is my relationship with them.  Looking forward I pledge to bring a sense of renewal into my life each day.  Its a new mom protocol – Renew, Daily.