Keep the Family Active and Healthy at Home and on the Road

I have the honour of featuring Kendra Thornton in todays post.  She’s a busy parent who likes to travel with her kiddies and keep them in tip top happiness with balanced nutrition and activities.

Here is what she has to say!

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I’ve traveled the world and experienced many unforgettable locations; however, what I have learned throughout all my travels is that my incredible family and health have always been the two aspects of my life that are most important. Aside from keeping me grounded, my family helps me to be a great mom by keeping me active and always on my toes. To repay them, I make sure I live the healthiest lifestyle possible, so they can follow in my footsteps. Since I have some upcoming travels on my agenda in the near future I thought it would be fun to tell you about some of the different ways that I keep my family healthy at home and while being on the road!

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I Make Food Fun: It doesn’t matter if we’re getting ready for a vacation or going to a soccer game; I make sure to plan and organize my food. I love to cook dinner with my family, and we make sure that everyone is getting a balanced meal. We try to get as many colors on the plate as possible – I always find the more colorful it is the more variety of veggies I have on the plate!

When I’m traveling, I keep the same mindset. I always avoid fast food, and I try to store various meals and snacks in the car. However, I still believe in indulging in a treat, but I make sure it doesn’t become a habit. I think granola bars, sliced fruits and veggies are best; these foods ensure my kids always have plenty of energy.

Go Outside and Be Active: Our family enjoys taking a vacation, but we always make sure it’s something that the whole family can enjoy. Soon, we’re going on a trip to Colorado for some family skiing! I’ve found that it’s best to plan vacations that burn the largest amount of energy possible. We just got home from Florida and it was a blast! We went to all the parks and really had ourselves a fabulously fun, and active vacation. My husband and I looked through a list of Orlando hotels through Gogobot’s Family Traveler’s Tribe section to find the best place for us to stay. A hotel with a ton of Disney amusement, pools, and continental breakfast with the characters and close to the parks was at the top of our list!

However, I use the same concept while at home. During winter, I make sure that the whole family gets outside and plays. The kids like to skate on ice and build snowmen. The summertime is great because the kids are playing with friends and doing sports. I like to run or walk during summer months and really find that I am naturally more inclined to stay active.

Switch It Up: I believe there are times when it’s a good idea to bend the rules a little bit. I don’t think you should always stick to a harsh food regimen. Occasionally, I will allow my kids to eat some of their favorite treats, and this is especially true while we’re on vacation.

It’s important to avoid over thinking it. You should just try to live the healthiest lifestyle possible but always makes time to enjoy time with your family. It was the Fit Family Lifestyles Month that caused me to write this. I hope these personal tips helped you to learn something. How do you like to stay fit while enjoying time with your family? Let’s hear from you!

* This post is not a paid endorsement.  I did not receive any form of payment for this collaboration.