How to Tango With Two Kids


multi tasking mom

Ohhhhhh Kay! First I must apologize to my regular readers for being MIA the past months!! I’ve been busy growing a human and now I’m a mom to two little men! no.1 is now 2.5 yrs old and no.2 is a new born. It’s been a few weeks of post C-section healing and getting to know our new babes.

As the totem pole reorganizes its self I’m working on my new role as a mom of two. I have this impression that all other stay at home parents have learnt how to tango with two little ones except for me. Moments of self doubt food my mind at 12:30am 2am 4am and then at 6am the day begins. Of course it’s ridiculous that I think I’m the only one who struggles! lol!! Who do I think I am anyway?! Hopfully other parents find peace knowing there are plenty of others up in the night doing the same thing they are. My mantra for coping is “It’s all temporary“. My husband reminded me of that the other day. So I slapped on some progesterone cream, repeated my mantra and got to mothering.  Mothering with more than one kiddo truly is a dance.  I’m sure if I wore a GoPro camera for a day my erratic “dance” steps would look something like a mix of tap, tango and hip hop, complete with booty drops necessary to retrieve a dropped receiving blanket while I nurse my son with the other arm.  I ache for the old days where a village really did raise a child.  I picture a time when the community and extended family came together to prepare food for the family and let the new mother focus on nursing the newborn.  Now a days the stay at home mom or dad seem to be going at it alone for the most part.  Isolation is no place for a mom and her new babes.  So when things get hairy at my house I call on a girlfriend close by for an intervention or I head to the playground and let no.1 run a muck with other ones his age while I nurse no.2.

FOOD!!!  The secret to mastering meals is to cook once and get 2-4 meals out of that one dish!!  Pinterest has been my go-to for meal ideas.  Search crockpot, casserole or one dish meals and you’ll find an abundance of options.

HOUSEWORK!!! I tackle this beast by running my dishwasher daily, doing a load of laundry once a day and folding it when the kids are sleeping.  I’ll only do 1 major cleaning task a day….say vacuum, clean the washroom or dust…and that’s on a good day.  Sometimes I place taking a shower ahead of cleaning it.  And somedays I don’t make my bed until noon because I’ve been busy cooking that day or changing 5 more poop diapers than anticipated while getting barfed on.  I just roll with the punches and say “it’s all temporary”.

Amongst all the household duties I find time for the more important moments.  I spend quality time with my kids.  Talking, playing, exploring the outdoors or just snugging up close to watch a movie.  Even the sweet, cherished moments are temporary because kids grow quick!  Here’s to enjoying the tango 🙂





Community facebook page = deals!


Let’s be frank, plenty of families could use a deal when it comes to raising a family.  We are one of  them.  When I found my self with an armload of kids shoes sized 2-5 that my little one hadn’t ever worn I posted my stash on a facebook page run by a local mother in my community.  While I was at it I created an add on craigslist as well.  I had enormous success from the post I did on facebook and nil from the craigslist add.  Now, I could have just as easily dropped the shoes by my local second hand shop.   Second hand shops can be amazing places filled with unique finds at great prices.  This is what I’m noticing with the second hand shops in my area, the prices for second hand goods are way too high!!  Is there such thing as inflation on thrift store goods??  The prices could be a reflection of the cost of rent for these retail spaces in growing areas.  What ever the reason I still frequently make donations because the shops support local charities and organizations who do wonderful things for others.  In the mean time when I have something in next to new condition or if my little one needs some new clothes I’ll frequent my local facebook page for awesome deals.  Most things listed are $3 for one article of clothing or a new-in-the-box baby room monitor for $25.  The other beautiful thing is that the moms in the physical community get to know eachother in the virtual community of facebook.  The deals just keep passing around from one local family to the next.

I sold the above shoes for $15.  In the shops they sell for $35.  I’d say the mom who bought them got a pretty good deal.

A facebook story by mom protocol:)

pre-mother thoughts

I’ve been reflecting on the time before I was a mom.   Thoughts would run through my head about others close to me that were already parents.  I’d observe their parental tactics and make mental notes about what seemed to work for them and what I agreed with.  On the flip side I’d also make a mental note about what didn’t work or what I didn’t agree with for my own.  Ooops!!! I just fell in to the ethnocentrism category aka judgement!  Perhaps a lesson in cultural relativism was in order for me!  What I needed was the experience of becoming a mother my self so to learn the trials and triumphs of raising a little one.  Going into motherhood I had a list of what I was going to do.  I’m in love with our planet so cloth diapers made sense to me.  I’m keen on amazing nutrients so breast milk made sense to me.  A healthy, active body for the benefit of baby and I also made sense to me and so on.  It didn’t take long for my “optimal parent” list to be drastically altered.  I was getting schooled by my own life experiences!  I can’t think of a better way to learn than being thrown right in!  Any parent can attest to going from 0-100 km/h within seconds of having a little one.  Advice…BUCKLEUP…and enjoy the ride:)

Baby swim lessons…I was THAT mom!

Infant swim lessons!! What a great way to spend time with my little one.  My excitement is bubbling over for our first swim.  M is ready to go.  His swim diaper and trunks are on, he’s fed and napped.  I whip out my bikini to get myself ready and I hear ” you’re gonna be that mom huh?”.   Bahahahaha!  I hadn’t even thought about appropriate swimming apparel for myself.  Is a bikini not ok??  But it’s all I have.  It is a social no-no to wear a two piece to the public indoor pool??  Perhaps switching to the ol’ one piece and kissing bikini days goodbye is common new mom knowledge?!  So I did what any gal in my position would do.  I put on my bikini and went to the pool.  I was comfortable and happy.  Baby M didn’t seem to mind and either did anyone else.  All the other moms were warm and welcoming.  We played water games for 30 mins and successfully completed our first infant swim lesson.

So I was THAT mom for a split second when I allowed my self to worry about wearing a two piece to the pool.  There are far greater concerning moments in life.  My greatest concern that day was making sure I was the best swim partner for my babe.

Buggy in the Snow

We don’t get much snow in Vancouver BC.  This year we were blessed early in the season with a one day supply of snow!! I was excited to get outside. I did what I do every morning!  Pop the baby in the buggy and out we went for our morning walk.  Rookie move on my part.  What was I thinking??  Clearly I wasn’t thinking, but as I got sweatier pushing the babe through the snow I thought this buggy needs is a pair of skis!  Skis would work like a charm and lets be honest that’s how people in the North have gotten around for ages.  Food, family, belongings all get placed on a sled and away they went.  No time for wheels!!  I’m sure any one from a town with snow would have said “look at the city slicker, must be a first time mom too” and they would be correct.  On reflection I think the baby ergo carrier or baby hiking backpack will be in order for the next walk in the snow.

How do you get around with your baby in the winter months?

Julie 🙂