Crackin’ eggs and takin’ names!

We’re going primal (aka paleo) in our house and LOOOOVING IT!  We’ve jumped right into “The Practical Plaeo” as well as “The Bulletproof Executive” and could not be happier about food and the positive influence this way of eating has had on us.  How does loosing 7 lbs of fat sound?!   Let me tell you, it feels amazing and I credit it ALL to going primal.

Now if eggs aren’t your thing you may need a little warming up to eat this way.  I sure wasn’t, and some days still not, a huge fan of eggs.  I’ve been playing around and found some good egg eatin’ to satisfy my household.  Here’s the secret mama’s or designated chef of the house, the eggs gotta be from free range birds who eat a natural chicken diet (worms, bugs, scraps, grass etc).  Think chickens happily pecking the ground out in the open air.  Why?  A healthy, happy chicken eating the way nature intended lends its self to healthier eggs and as well as happier & healthier moms, dads n’ babes who eat the eggs.

Here’s a delicious recipe I use often.  It makes enough grub for the three of us for three mornings.  I highly recommend cooking in bulk it’s a “mom protocol” that’s helped keep our mornings flowing well with full bellies;)  Go eat!



photoPractical Paleo

My O negative roots have been calling and I’m listening.  I’m wired to eat good, clean, healthy meat, fats, vegetables, nuts and some fruit.  Wow that sounds easy!  I like foods from those categories and I feel good when I eat them.  With a little guidance from the fantastic book “Practical Paleo” by Diane Sanfilippo the transition has begun well.  The recipes are easy to follow and contain ingredients that I’m likely to have in house anyway.  The food looks and tastes great!!  My husband and baby both love the food and the recipes are NOT labor intensive.  (Thank goodness because this mama can only do labor so many times). The book offers 12, 30 day meal plans specified to autoimmune conditions, thyroid health, chronic fatigue, fat loss and cancer recovery among others.   The Practical Paleo talks about food quality as well as the negative effects of grains on our health.  There’s even a guide to digestion…and poop!  Leaky gut?! Grab the book and have a read.  My brother, 37 years young, avid road cyclist, snowboarder, mountain biker, graphic & design guru has taken this book and its meal plan by the horns.  He’s loving it and has reported after 3 weeks on the plan that his joints no longer hurt!  This book rocks!  I “mom protocol” approve it and will be sharing the book with as many possible:)

Mama’s cookin’ baby food!

Slippers on, apron on, hair up!  I’m feeling very mother goose’ish these days.  Job description “Domestic Engineer”.  I believe I fall into that category now.

I see it this way.  I can easily grab a few jars of ready made baby food while grocery shopping.  I have been known to have a couple jars of organic pears and squash in the pantry.  They come handy when I’m in a pinch heading to G’ma’s house and I need food for Baby M while I’m there.  But I must say the jars of pureed beef stroganoff look awful.  I wouldn’t eat the stuff and I can’t with good conscious allow my babe to eat it.  Here is the other way I see it.  Making my own baby food is easy, cost effective and baby M loves it!  I know where the produce and meat come from and I feel good about that.  I tend to locally source as many of my ingredients as possible.  Anything Baby M eats , we eat too also!  Great concept!  While I cook our food I steam or mash a little extra to make enough baby food for a week or two at a time.  I put the puree/mash into ice cube trays, freeze it and pop the frozen cubes of food out the next day.  I store the frozen, pre-portioned baby food in a container in the freezer.  In the morning I take out enough cubes for baby’s lunch and dinner and let it thaw at room temperature.  Mashed cauliflower, blueberries, oatmeal with apples, turkey, brussle sprouts, potatoes etcetera.   Pretty much anything goes.  My current favorite is pureed local blueberries and goats cheese.  Mixing the two makes “yogurt”.  All Cheese sold in Canadian grocery stores is pasteurized and goat dairy seems to be easily digested by humans.  Baby M loved it.  

What have you found is a “Go” or a “No” in your house?

Have fun:)