Bikini Bound = a daily sweat!

kettle bell picI’m a health conscious gal who slips up in the health department at the best of times to enjoy a good ol’ slice of cheese cake, a helping of fries or a plate of pasta.  Ugh!  This food makes my brain instantly “happy” and then 30 minutes later it makes my GI system “unhappy”.  My unhappy gut is my 1st reminder of why I can’t eat like I used to and my body composition (lean mass to fat ratio) is my 2nd reminder.  As of right now I have a 3rd reminder of my I can’t eat that way and it’s the fact I’m going to be sporting a bikini in 5 week from now for a month!   “Yeahhhhh” and “uh-oh” were my two initial thoughts!  So I got my butt moving, literally, and got my sweat on!

I’ve mentioned that we live in a condo, so space isn’t bountiful.  I do have an enormous closet and this is where I roll out my yoga mat and get my daily sweat while my little one naps.  I hybrid my workouts with routines from my coach (aka my husband), videos from you tube as well as yoga.  I’m SWEATING in a matter of minutes, I’m not board and I’m getting results and I’m done in about 20 minutes!  I really just wish that my mommy blubber would melt off on its own buuuuut it turns out it doesn’t work that way!

Let’s talk food!  I’m doing intermittent fasting.  Don’t trust me to explain it well, instead check out David Asprey‘s post on it.  The just of it that we only eat between 2pm-8pm.  Yup we only eat for 6 hours a day and it will always be a caveman diet.  My husband and I do a lot of what Dave writes about and we think it’s pretty awesome.   This is where we got the crazy idea of blending butter in our coffee!  Yummmmm so GOOD!

low-toxic coffee - "Bulletproof Coffee"