one of my first loves

Esty, an unexpected find for me that quickly grew into a serious, year round love years ago! This banner I used at my wedding, was one of my first purchase on Etsy from the talented Kara Melwood based out of Alberta, Canada.  Etsy is a artisans wonderland full of hand crafted goods and antique delights from around the world.  The options are nearly endless for what you can find.  Like many wonderful finds on the web, Etsy can whisk you away in imagination, amazement and creativity that many guys and gals can easily fall in love with:)  I love for Etsy for it’s ability to house the grass roots mentality within the tech advanced world.  Etsy magnifies and gives a new definition to the words “craft fair”.  The goods for purchase are the tangible hearts and souls of the crafters behind them.  The site includes the option of creating a favourites (Canadian spelling folks) list of specific items or favourite shops.  If you’re a creative bug your self and you’re looking for a great way to share what you do Etsy could be for you.  If the parameters of parent hood occupy your “free time” so purchasing others creative talent is more your style swing by Etsy and enjoy creating your fav’s list.  Now I just need a grand room with high ceilings to hang my beautiful wedding banner!Image