DIY: Caring for Wooden Utensils

Wooden Spoons CollageI’m not a fan of buying something I don’t need.  This includes wooden spoons!  I’d rather maintain than replace:)

I had a look at my wooden utensils the other day and man were they tired looking!  They had a food smell to them (big surprise right!) and they lacked their original new wood look.  So I went to them with my essential lemon oil from DoTerra and some salt.  The lemon oil naturally deodorized the wood and the salt was a natural abrasive.


well used wooden utensils

lemon essential oil ( I use doTerra oil )


natural soap or what ever soap you wash your dishes with

warm water

coconut oil (olive oil works well too)

a clean rag


. rubbed the lemon/salt mixture well into the wood, let it rest for 5 minutes. (2-3 drops of lemon oil per utensil should do it.

. gently wash with Dr. Bronners Soap or dish soap under warm water and dry them.

. take a finger gob of coconut oil and a clean cloth (make sure to use a cloth you don’t mind having an oil stain on).

. rub the oil coconut oil or what ever oil you’re using into the entire spoon.   Your done! no need to wipe, rinse etc the oil away:)

I immediately saw how “thirsty” the wood had been.  The dry wooden spoons sucked up the coconut oil really well.  Once the wooden spoons had a coconut oil rub-down I laid them on my counter to soak up the rest of the oil on the wood surface.

PS: This same method can also be done on your wooden cutting boards.

If you’re interested in essential oils form DoTerra I’m an Independent Product Consultant and can help you learn more about oils, how to use them and their benefits.