Community facebook page = deals!


Let’s be frank, plenty of families could use a deal when it comes to raising a family.  We are one of  them.  When I found my self with an armload of kids shoes sized 2-5 that my little one hadn’t ever worn I posted my stash on a facebook page run by a local mother in my community.  While I was at it I created an add on craigslist as well.  I had enormous success from the post I did on facebook and nil from the craigslist add.  Now, I could have just as easily dropped the shoes by my local second hand shop.   Second hand shops can be amazing places filled with unique finds at great prices.  This is what I’m noticing with the second hand shops in my area, the prices for second hand goods are way too high!!  Is there such thing as inflation on thrift store goods??  The prices could be a reflection of the cost of rent for these retail spaces in growing areas.  What ever the reason I still frequently make donations because the shops support local charities and organizations who do wonderful things for others.  In the mean time when I have something in next to new condition or if my little one needs some new clothes I’ll frequent my local facebook page for awesome deals.  Most things listed are $3 for one article of clothing or a new-in-the-box baby room monitor for $25.  The other beautiful thing is that the moms in the physical community get to know eachother in the virtual community of facebook.  The deals just keep passing around from one local family to the next.

I sold the above shoes for $15.  In the shops they sell for $35.  I’d say the mom who bought them got a pretty good deal.

A facebook story by mom protocol:)