DIY: Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish

Let me start with a confession.  A year ago I was looking to buy an overpriced, toxic stainless steel cleaner.  Then I had a word with myself.  “Self, use vegetable oil to clean the stainless”.

( I learned many moons ago that oil cleans oil and dirt off surfaces.  This included the human face.  Ever tried using coconut oil to remove eye makeup?  It’s amazing at lifting the mask off our eyes and is safely and naturally moisturizing ).

So I used olive oil to “clean” my stainless steal appliances for a while.  I used this method until I realized it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.  I found I could scrape a layer of grime off the surface.  The grime was a combo of old olive oil, dust and what ever else floats through the air in a home.

stainless steel fridge before & after

My Stainless Steel Fridge: Before & After results

My solution?!  Lemon essential oil!  What a goldmine of a discovery!!  I’ve used lemon oil to remove sticky substances so why not remove stainless steel grime.

DoTerra Lemon revision 1

doTerra Lemon Essential Oil

Use a soft cloth with the Lemon oil.  Rub with a little elbow grease along the grain of the stainless steel.  I did rub in a circular motion but found better results when I stayed with the grain of the steel.

This is a small example of what I got off my steel.

stainless steel junkI’ve managed to flip over all my cleaning supplies from toxic mayhem to non-toxic magic!   I have two exceptions that I haven’t managed to successfully replace.  I still have a couple Mr. Clean magic erasers and windex on the shelf.  If you know of a better option that works amazingly PLEASE do share:)

Thanks 🙂

DIY: silver polish


It’s no secret that I prefer natural methods of cleaning, cooking, eating and life in general.  When I came across my nasty, heavily tarnished silver I didn’t deviate from this preference.  Without further ado here is what I did.

 what you’ll need

– tarnished silver jewellery or silver cutlery

– kettle of HOT boiled water

– glass or ceramic medium sauce pan

– baking soda

– aluminum foil

what you’ll do

– line the medium sauce pan with a sheet of foil (I placed the foil SHINY side up)

– lay your silver on the foil.  Be sure it has contact with the foil

– sprinkle baking soda over your silver

– pour the boiled water over your silver so that it covered and allow it to sit for 5 minutes

– after 5 minutes carefully remove your silver from the HOT water, rinse it in cool water and dry it completely with a clean cloth


above: silver magically coming clean


above: silver just out of its baking soda & hot water bath

That’s all there is to it!

No scrubbing, no harsh chemicals just a couple of everyday household goods!

Time to shine up!!  xo julie