garden glory! its a neighbourly thing to do!


stk115701rkeJune 2013, Vancouver, BC, Canada.  Gardens, flower beds and trees are flourishing here.  With a little rain and a little sunshine good things happen!  Just like life, rainy days and sunny days balance us out so we can grow!  Thank goodness otherwise I’d either be soggy and miserable or all dried up and miserable!

In the Greater Vancouver area community gardens seem to be popping up in nearly every neighbourhood!  The city provides the land and the future gardeners along with a few other key community players come together and practically build the garden!  Its awesome!  It looks like an army of ants crawling and digging in the dirt.  The community garden brings out all ages and cultures. The stereotypical image of a “green thumb” is blown out of the water.  Vancouver and the surrounding suburbs are really mixed in terms of cultures and ethnicities.  At one garden plot may be a 50 year old son and his 75 year old mother from the UK and at another could be a mom in her mid 30’s and her two kids from Japan.  The gardens encourages people to get out of their homes and their usual routine.  Conversations spark and new friendships happen.   It’s a magical pile of dirt where we learn we have more in common with each other than not.  We all share a common connection to the land through community, food, air and water.  Curious about a community gardens in your area?   Check out local city hall website and see if they have any information regarding a community garden.

If a community garden isn’t feasible in the near future keep bugging city hall until it happens but in the mean time consider backyard sharing.  Backyard sharing is just what it sounds like!  Person A has a backyard while person B does not.  Person A shares their yard with B, and probably others, to grow healthy, delicious food!  It’s a cool concept.   It opens the door to some old fashion community and fellowship.  It’s a “get to know your neighbour” kind of thing!

Get out there and grow!  – Julie

paper and love all rolled into one!


paper and love all rolled into one!

My new jewellery is my direct connection with a fellow mother.  I bought this hand-made wrap bracelet, or long necklace if you will, through an amazing organization called Shanti Uganda. This bracelet and other paper jewellery like it are hand rolled by Ugandan women.  The ladies also sew a variety of bags including yoga mat bags.  The money generated from the bags and jewellery sales goes straight back to the ladies who make it!!  Cool right!?  Shanti Uganda believes in empowerment and support of the Ugandan women to create these heartfelt pieces as a means to support their livelihood and that of their children.  The ladies receive training in skills and business parctices as well as access to an onsite community garden.  Many of these ladies face a bundle of challenges including but not limited to poverty, single parenthood and a weak immune system (HIV/AIDS).  You can see why a support network is so important to their success when some many cards can be stacked against them.  The mission of the organization is to improve infant and maternal health of Ugandan women living with HIV/AIDS. Local Ugandan midwives with traditional knowledge paired with modern-day best practices help provide safe deliveries in the local birthing house.

Looking for a way to support mammas and their new bundles of joy?  Visit Shanti Uganda for inspiration 🙂

Best, Julie




Cuppow!! It arrived in my mail box this morning and this gal could not be more excited for “the little things in life”. This awesome cuppow lid transforms a regular mason jar into a travel cup for hot or cold drinks. It’s made in the USA, is BPA free and can be recycled if need be.  I bought mine on line from Delish General Store located in North Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Sea, I don’t live in the city


Sea, I don't like in the city

I took this photo about a 5 minute walk from my front door in a small historical fishing town called Steveston, British Columbia, Canada. Steveston is located within a small city called Richmond. Richmond resides right next to Vancouver. Although I grumble nearly every week about not living in Vancouver, I am blessed to live in the best pocket of Richmond. My heart loves those mountains and one day in the near future I do believe I’ll be living in Vancouver with my little familia:)