Who’s Mom Protocol?

Mom Protocol, there’s no stead fast rules here.  The irony in the name “mom protocol” is in the definition of protocol.  It’s a “system of rules that explain the correct conduct and procedures to be followed in formal situations” as defined by Merriam-Webster.  By the definition protocols sound boring, a little harsh and down right stuffy!  Where’s the fun if its all rules and formalities! lol!  The fun part of all this is that each ma’ n pa’ have their own set of protocols for steering the ship and getting er’ done!  Mom Protocol is about finding new ways to hack the everyday routine and rock the dickens outta the waking hours.    Home life, kid life, married life, parent life and health.  It’s all here.  I’ll write about my successes and challenges.  We’re all in this together so feel free to share yours as well.

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