Mama’s cookin’ baby food!

Slippers on, apron on, hair up!  I’m feeling very mother goose’ish these days.  Job description “Domestic Engineer”.  I believe I fall into that category now.

I see it this way.  I can easily grab a few jars of ready made baby food while grocery shopping.  I have been known to have a couple jars of organic pears and squash in the pantry.  They come handy when I’m in a pinch heading to G’ma’s house and I need food for Baby M while I’m there.  But I must say the jars of pureed beef stroganoff look awful.  I wouldn’t eat the stuff and I can’t with good conscious allow my babe to eat it.  Here is the other way I see it.  Making my own baby food is easy, cost effective and baby M loves it!  I know where the produce and meat come from and I feel good about that.  I tend to locally source as many of my ingredients as possible.  Anything Baby M eats , we eat too also!  Great concept!  While I cook our food I steam or mash a little extra to make enough baby food for a week or two at a time.  I put the puree/mash into ice cube trays, freeze it and pop the frozen cubes of food out the next day.  I store the frozen, pre-portioned baby food in a container in the freezer.  In the morning I take out enough cubes for baby’s lunch and dinner and let it thaw at room temperature.  Mashed cauliflower, blueberries, oatmeal with apples, turkey, brussle sprouts, potatoes etcetera.   Pretty much anything goes.  My current favorite is pureed local blueberries and goats cheese.  Mixing the two makes “yogurt”.  All Cheese sold in Canadian grocery stores is pasteurized and goat dairy seems to be easily digested by humans.  Baby M loved it.  

What have you found is a “Go” or a “No” in your house?

Have fun:)