Buggy in the Snow

We don’t get much snow in Vancouver BC.  This year we were blessed early in the season with a one day supply of snow!! I was excited to get outside. I did what I do every morning!  Pop the baby in the buggy and out we went for our morning walk.  Rookie move on my part.  What was I thinking??  Clearly I wasn’t thinking, but as I got sweatier pushing the babe through the snow I thought this buggy needs is a pair of skis!  Skis would work like a charm and lets be honest that’s how people in the North have gotten around for ages.  Food, family, belongings all get placed on a sled and away they went.  No time for wheels!!  I’m sure any one from a town with snow would have said “look at the city slicker, must be a first time mom too” and they would be correct.  On reflection I think the baby ergo carrier or baby hiking backpack will be in order for the next walk in the snow.

How do you get around with your baby in the winter months?

Julie 🙂