The Male Brain

I have a lot of men in my life.  My husband, son, father, brother, cousins and friends are a few of the men I know.  I was given “The Male Brain” by Louann Brizendine, M.D., read it in an afternoon and instantly felt like the lights had turned on!!!  I had a couple ah-ha moments where the confusion over why males do what they do had been answered, or at least partially answered.  The simple answer, male and female brains are wired differently.  The writing is clear and concise.  I’m eager to read “The Female Brain” by the same author.

“The Male Brain” takes the reader through the developing male brain from fetal growth to boyhood, puberty, sexual maturity (single man), fatherhood, midlife manhood and andropause.  Andropause is the male equivalent to menopause!  Andropause, rarely talked about I know!  Nice to hear females aren’t the only ones who loose their hormones.  No wonder people can get crotchety as they age.  Neither party has any hormones to help them keep cheery, positive and in shape.  Sorry, I’m getting off topic.  I’ll save the hormone post for another day…and btw at 30 I was making the same amount of progesterone as a post menopausal women…yikes!!!  “The Male Brain” highlights hormonal changes and differences, what the female brain doesn’t have, male specific brain changes and reality changes.  The brain, aka the mother-ship or in this case the father-ship is the driving force behind our men.  The author writes from a scientific perspective and also pays tribute to social factors that influence behaviour.   I recommend this read to educators, parents, social workers, grandparents, medical personal, everyone!  Men and women alike could benefit from this book.  If nothing else “The Male Brain” is a simple read that entertained and educated me.  Now for “The Female Brain”.